Run SQL database with masternode (MN), bring MN to “real life use” as a decentralized low total cost of ownership SQL Cloud.
You can disable this feature in the config file.

Please watch Video to explain this “acting as masternode!”

Why SQL?

Almost everyone uses it, even Discord, all websites, this website too!
SQL with MN is unique, you can find a lot of coins but you can’t find SQL cloud coins.
We will NOT host any non-legal files, will NOT host any files at all!

Sad part and not so sad

DataMemory=3072 (+512 for MN)
MN owners have to use more RAM VPS that mean more hosting costs, also that means more coin price and capitalization because you will not sell coins cheaper.

If you are website DEV or freelancer – do a business with us, buy cheap cloud and sell to your customer.

Customer will use MAAS from exchanges to order service. And as you can read farther we will extra reward you for SQL hosting and 10% to BURN.

We will have coin price grow and more capitalization as a reward too!

10% Service fee from the customer goes to further cloud development and AD campaign.

If you have a lot MNs or no time – don’t worry, you will have the option to disable this feature in the config file.

NOofreplisac=5 default
Every database hosted by 5 masternodes that’s for start.
So customer database is safe, of course, the customer will backup it every night by the auto script.

That’s all! Huge and boring part down below.

Phase 1 – proof of concept 5-11 days

Use 512 Gb ram VPS to host MN with SQL server at the same time
Test this setup with WordPress simple and WordPress shop website hosted by cheap file hosting + Cloudflare
make some results/calculations and tests at least 3 days
run SQL benchmarks, use docker Encryption
solve non-compatible libs, a little SQL tuning for performance (for better video proof results)
Start our own 5 SQL nodes cluster (cloud)
capture video of this as a concept proof, edit for youtube
maybe make some DS announcements of this success 🙂

Phase 2 – search and you will find

start looking for SQL cloud frontend software
or SQL cloud control panel
open sourced or annually billed
study this soft, is it has API?
is that API fits our needs?

Phase 3 – The Solver 40-60 days

The “Solver” is the backend gate from service to customer frontend, without billing and centralized for start, don’t worry we will solve this in the next phases.
Communication of several MNs with Solver
Make PHPSolver have opportunity upload, create and delete SQL database from test customer, give/send test customer login/pass to SQL cloud
simple notifications (email, telegram and other later)
login/pass form, a simple looking customer care website for start, but with a huge and hard to code backend.
The solver is the main part of all this idea.
That’s the hardest part ever.

Phase 4 – False positive

Send status and usage statistic of DB to statistic server,
small SQL query every hour from Solver to update and check DB status, some secret part to ping the SQL database, to prevent MN owner send false positive status about RAM usage, SQL server running and DB size.
We have to see if it running, if not – do not send masternode extra reward, set masternode SQL uptime -1%.

Phase 5 – Billing 8-12 days

backend, and something from Phase 2 with improvements – with scripts implementations.
Receive MAAS payment > wait 2 confirmations > send back login/pass
billing hosted with a solver, for now, we will change this later.

Phase 6 – what is the problem? BETA TEST STARTS 7-12 days

Use community comments and feedback to fix bugs and make service better
Make some guides with screens and youtube
fully auto setup wallet MN bash script with SQL running and auto log errors auto sendings to support team email
update that script after some days and fixes
That phase we need because we don’t wanna be distracted by ppl in other phases, only by testers.


easy to use and some rewards from beta test customers.

webmasters beta test for free, with our own websites test
web developers can host just files with a lot of cheap RAM – MAAS SQL CLOUD

Phase 7 – Donations campaign

start donation campaign with ppl proposals,
most donated proposals will be alive, coded to the cloud to fit specifically donator needs.

Phase 8 – decisions, decisions, 4 days

We all will vote with commentary on how to decentralized Solver & billing,
make every hundredth MN run solver, if MY_MN_number=100 200 300 400 … = stop SQL, start solver.
or put Solver IP in the DNS seed then any MN can run Solver, if MN_IP=DNS_seed_IP = stop SQL, start solver.
or just host our own several Solvers across the world
or etc

Phase 8.5 – decentralized Solver & billing

Based on Phase 7,
let me remind you – we have up and running service from Phase 5

Phase 9 – colors

Make all this shine and look nice, i mean some gifs or web 2.0, color texts, etc
More attractive for customer and everyone.

Phase 10 – can I have more ram?

Let customer chose 3 6 9GB … 128 256Gb RAM
Let customer chose how to balance database, 5 default MNs, 3, 6, 9 … MNs
How many backup copies and etc
update Solver and other services with this needs

Some phases I need to doo parallel.


Let me remind you about Phase 6, we wanna do it SO EASY to manage and setup! Can you see anywhere auto setup script with error sending to the dev email ??? NO! Why no one does it? We will! Its so time savings for chatting and screens sendings, etc.

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