do you know what is proxy server?
We can sell MNs as a proxy servers.
Let’s call this PROXYNODES or Masternodes 2.0 (MN2.0 as evolution because we will have several services running)

MAAS coin system/platform wanna reward every MN (Masternode) owner with extra coins for your server usage!

  1. Proxy server daemon
  2. SOCKS5/HTTPS traffic shaper
  3. Wallet tunneling socksyfication
  4. Video proof of concept
  5. Community Q&A day
  6. Beta test & fix
  7. Billing web service
  8. Billing MN daemon
  9. Community Q&A2 day
  10. Billing API for resellers
  11. Billing payments
  12. Blacklist watcher
  13. Community Q&A3 day
  14. Auto setup MNP script
  15. Ad campaign

~85 days

MAAS – masternodes as a service

Real life use, customers, use cause, more masternodes, worldwide service!


I will make unique first of a kind decentralized blockchain proxy service, this service will use your MN and extra reward MN owner by selling a little VPS power to the customer!
Proxy feature is an option, you can turn it off in the config file, you just will not have extra reward/coins if turned off – useful for MN hosting service or your several wallets, etc.
You will have regular MN rewards as usual if turned off.
SPAM not allowed, mail ports blocked that’s is hardcoded rule. Customer cant send mail spam with/thought you MN.


customer > web service > pay 100 coins > MN owner will have 80 coins after MN can show to the customer some uptime > 10 coins to service needs > 10 coins to BURN

Can’t say about price right now, 1, 10 or 1000 coins … so %
80% to MN owner, auto sent back to MN owner wallet
10% service fee, hosting, future development, bug fixes, ad
10% auto send to public BURN address



Do you know what is coin emmision? Inflation? So you know why it’s important to BURN some coins regular.
Even if service will sell so cheap 1 proxy/1 MN/1$/month we will have price grow cos coins BURN!

MNP – our new MNs name – proxy masternode 2.0 or MNProxy.

As you may know, several coins run masternodes web hosting and several coins making it as we speak, this is well only to service owner, no rewards to investor and no coin price grow.
But i wanna propose to use MN (masternode) as proxy service! That’s unique (i can’t find such working coins today in Google, only announcements)

How to

MN owner will have fully auto setup MNP (MN + proxy) script, every MN owner will have billing daemon with a proxy daemon (less than 40MB RAM)
Customer will have web service to buy cheap proxy servers for any needs, resel, discounts.

Proxy server daemon

proxy server with authentication limited to 1 user per pass with traffic shaper.
(port 25 and all mail ports are blocked)


We will form a decentralized proxy community for users security, resellers, anonymity, level 2 tunnel wallet transaction obfuscation and etc.

Who needs this?

I know several services who can buy all our proxy/masternode servers for 1-2$ per mn/month to resell!


As a community we will form a discount table, maybe like this one:

starts price 3$/month per login for example
any MN owner – 10% discount
up to 5 logins – 15%
up to 15 logins – 20%
up to 50 logins
more than 80 logins – 50% (reseller)
this is just an example.

Wallet transaction obfuscation?

(not in top priority, easy to add after)
Can make a proxy to socsificate wallet daemon, tunnel it, so wallet IP is “IP1” but they will look like “IP3” (proxy chain in>IP1>IP2>IP3>out)
It’s you to decide to turn on/off this feature in config file or not, maybe you have a really bad connection or for debugging
No wallet code change will be needed.


In the first, we will have resellers, that’s for sure
In the second – with traffic shaper and bandwidth limits we can sell up to 3-5 logins per MN, so if we have 1000 MNs its x3, x5 times proxy servers!

Customer payment

This is web service so customer wanna pay with Paypal, CreditCard, BTC and this is OK if we wanna form GOOD service, to reward MN owner we will auto exchange to MAAS before sending reward, and 10% fee BURNED every time! So we can promise you – coin price grow and capitalization increase.

Blacklist watcher

In the proxy list i wanna inform the customer about proxy server listing and other VPS server daemons souch as Apache, sendmail, postfix, etc. This can be good for customer choose or useless.
Inform by icons in the billng, MN owner can disable this in the config file. I will start from popular local ports scaning and daemons names with my Biling daemon to send this info to customer care server.
We will auto temp ban newbies customers if proxy blacklisted or DDOSed or abused, or etc.

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