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Allow us to introduce you Masternode 2.0 – Masternode as a Service

The story of this project is several community designs who rejected our proposal to superblock government systems by no reason, inactivity, greed to share budget, whales, and DEVs masternodes (votes) monopoly. Always we have ~50% voted that’s the reason to welcome one side here. “Someone” coin government systems proposal rejected because masternode hosting service can vote for every hosted masternode and they know customers will leave to have an extra reward. Some of this coins are useless without use cause we call this JAM coins. But now its time to have our own business tool, we don’t wanna someone could pay for coffee with MAAS or transfer coins to VISA card, we just wanna tool to deliver customer payment to you as a reward for masternode service. And we can’t use any other coin for that goal because of wallet modifications for masternode service cause. When customer will pay you for service your masternode provided (payment with Paypal, BTC or LTC, MASS, etc) we will exchange that payment to MAAS coin and send back to you as masternode “extra reward” doesn’t matter of MAAS coin price you will get $ equivalent.

First in the world masternode as a service coin

Features That Matter

Masternodes as a service

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We will install our software to your masternode to provide customer service.

Extra $ reward

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Standard POS reward + extra $ reward. Example: the customer will pay 5$, you will get 4$ (-fee) with MAAS coins and doesn’t matter of coin price you will get US$ equivalent.

Business tools

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Wallet tools allow you to sent tx with text message, or auto redirect payment, or separate payment and send it to several addresses. Sms tx message you can use as identification, airdrop, nickname confirmation, payment approval, guarantee, registration, etc


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To fight with emission every our customer will pay for 80% MN extra reward, 10% service fee, 10% to BURN address, all auto by our wallet tools.

Smart MN colateral

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MN collateral is 5 000 000 MAS coins, why? Imagine lower coin price 0.00000001 BTC * 5.000.000 collateral = 0.05 BTC and this is buy orders, sell is 2 sat

Pure POS

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Masternode and stake wallet act as a miner

White and not so Whitepaper


Launch (Q4 2018)

MAAS blockchain 100%
Website & Announce 100%
Block Explorer 100%
Ticket anti-fake system 100%
Social Media 100%
Masternode auto setup script 100%

Proxy masternode as a service (Q2 2019)

Proxy server daemon 35%
Video proof of concept 0%
SOCKS5/HTTPS traffic shaper 0%
Auto setup proxy masternode script 0%
Beta test & Bugfixes 0%
Wallet update for service 0%
Billing MN daemon 0%
Billing web service 0%
Billing API for resellers 0%
Billing payments BTCMAASLTCetc 0%
add auto BURN coins to the service fee 0%
Blacklist watcher 0%
Start of extra rewards 0%
Wallet tunneling socksyfication 0%
mobile masternode service monitoring 0%

Exchanges (Q2 2019)

list first exchange 0%
list second exchange 0%
MAAS personal BTCtoMAAS only auto exchange (Lightning) 3%
Add auto BURN coins to the service fee 0%

Masternode hosting (Q1 2019) requested ASAP

Only MAAS service auto hosting 12%
masternode to masternode hosting 0%
Billing 10%
Add auto BURN coins to the service fee 0%
Mobile masternode service monitoring 0%

MAAS Cloud storage (Q1 2019)

Personal masternodes ownCloud web Storage 100%
Docker repo for fast and easy updates & setup 100%
Auto setup script 100%
Mobile App, iOS and Android 100%
Connect all Storage master nodes in the Cloud 33%
Cloud Storage as a service (Billing) 6%
add auto BURN coins to the service fee 0%
Wallet update for service & Auto Setup Script 0%
Start of extra rewards from PoC (this) service 0%

SQL cloud as a service (Q4 2019)

Proof of concept 0%
The Solver – main huge controll software 0%
Billing 0%
Beta test start 0%
decentralised Solver & billing 0%
add auto BURN coins to the service fee 0%
Wallet update for service & Auto Setup Script 0%
Start of extra rewards 0%
mobile masternode service monitoring 0%

Wallet Bussiness Tools (Q3 2019)

Blockchain TX Text Message 11%
Redirect payment 0%
Separate payment 0%
Wallet update & Auto Setup Script 0%


We don’t think someone will use MAAS coins to buy coffee or pay for bills its lighting network or DASH or etc job. Form several Masternodes as a service are up to us!

Right, we need the only wallet as software to run our service.

They will not extra reward you for that, they don’t have a service, traffic shaper, user limiter, solver system, spam blocker, etc

We need it, if you host MN that means you got 0 prices for extra service hosting, this is the lowest price in the marker, so we can sell cheaper then others.

Sure, and we can see you know nothing about proxy server hosting. You can’t abuse it if mail ports are blocked and we will ban bad customer of it does somehow. Proxy, not a problem if a server, not a public, 1 user per login it’s not a public server we have, no worries. We know several VPS hosting (1,5$/month) that allow proxies and they selling VPN by own. You can find a lot of hosters with VPN Solutions for Secure Connections, that’s like proxy with OpenSSL (https)

Paypal and other good websites use OpenSSL secure connection it when you can see httpS before the address, no one can see your data in the proxy. And masternode doesn’t have coins. SQL cloud customer will have several databases – like HDD RAID, 1 drive down from 5 – no changes/troubles you can see.

Wallet maas.conf:


Masternode /root/.maascore/maas.conf


If you can’t manage to start masternode with “Start alias” please use “Start all’ wallet button.

minimal is

apt install -y apt-file libqt5network5 libqt5widgets5 libqrencode3 libprotobuf9v5 libzmq5 unzip

CMasternodeSigner::SetCollateralAddress – Invalid collateral address
Misbehaving: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:4444 (0 -> 1)
connect() to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:4444 failed after select(): Connection refused (111)
CActiveMasternode::ManageStatus() – Error on Ping: Too early to send Masternode Ping
7 CActiveMasternode::ManageStatus() – not capable: Hot node, waiting for remote activation.

Get In Touch With Us

Ticket anti-fake system

E-mail answer, or check ticket later. Bussines proposals, reports, top priority.

Remember to ask discord community before – faster

Download Wallet

Ubuntu 16
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